Pricing Changes and a January Discount! 🔖

There’s more!

We are also offering a 25% discount on all products through the end of January 2019 (using of the link below).

Here’s the “How”:

  1. Visit this link. 💻
  2. Click ‘Sign-Up’ and go through the Create Account process. ▶️
  3. Pick the ‘Individual Option’ and the Discount can be seen in your Cart! ✅
  4. Complete check-out process. 🎉

Lots of big announcements over the next few weeks, so stay Tuned!

Happy Taxing!

Team BitTaxer


About BitTaxer

BitTaxer provides a holistic and comprehensive tax solution for users to account for any type of virtual currency, cryptocurrency or digital asset transaction. BitTaxer gives special attention to the utility of Virtual Currency as both a capital asset and a method of exchange.

BitTaxer is the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to calculate and file income, deductions, gains and losses from your virtual currency trades. CPA-Approved, live support, and support for all major exchanges.