Shehan Candrasekera Joins BitTaxer as Chief Financial Officer


Shehan Candrasekera Joins BitTaxer as Chief Financial Officer

BitTaxer is pleased to announce the addition of Shehan Chandrasekera to the BitTaxer Team as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Shehan joins the team from Houston, TX where he is a Partner at Jag CPAs & Co., and a founding member of the Houston Blockchain Alliance.  Shehan began investing in cryptocurrency at the start of 2017, as well as providing advice to his clients on the consequences of gains and losses to this new digital asset class.

Brennan Snow, President and Co-Founder of BitTaxer, on Shehan’s addition:

“When we looked to the community of CPAs who were active and involving themselves in the cryptocurrency space on matters of taxation and compliance, Shehan stood out. He is a strong leader in the space and an authoritative and competent voice. Shehan has been a significant addition to the team since joining as an advisor earlier in the year, and we are overjoyed to count him now as a member of our leadership team.”

Shehan is a published author, regular speaker on taxation at cryptocurrency conferences, podcasts, and recently presented on cryptocurrency taxation at the Houston Federal Reserve. His article on “Virtual Currency and Tax Ramifications” was featured in “The Tax Adviser” magazine sponsored by AICPA. He was one of the first CPAs to have a published academic article on Cryptocurrency.  

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